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Comprehensive courses focused on ceramics, painting and creativity.

Courses take place once a week, on a predetermined time (3-4 hours) and date, for periods of about 6 months. Usually they run from November to April, ehich makes them perfect for people who stay long-term on Aegina and want an in depth knowledge and practice.

Each session includes brief lectures and a dedicated studio space fully equipped for painting or ceramics, allowing participants to immerse themselves in learning while experimenting with clay or colour.

Our studio spans on two levels of 120 m2 each: it features a ceramics studio on the top level and a painting and crafting studio on the bottom level. Both spaces are large and pleasant and beaming with natural light. The bottom level opens up to a spacious, south facing courtyard adjacent to pistachio fields, featuring a beautiful yurt, 6m in diameter and 3m in height, which offers additional workspace or a relaxation corner.

While the studio is close to a road, which may occasionally contribute to some noise, it remains easily accessible from the port of Aegina, a mere 10mins walk from town, and can be conveniently reached by foot, bicycle, moped or car.

All skill levels are welcome.

Available Courses

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