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Image by Lucas Cleutjens

The island

Aegina has a lot to offer: you can bathe yourself in its nature as well as in its town life, discover its culture, meet people who live here or are just passing through... You can add a variety of activities to your stay: explore the island swimming and snorkelling, walking its beautiful trails, bicycle riding, meditating, following Yoga classes... while enjoying magical views of the sunset, and the sunrise for the early risers, a relaxing massage, a coffee, a drink, a meal in oune of the many addresses on the port and in the rest of the island, a summer cinema... the list is long. 

Our favourite, must see spots of the island, which we always visit as a group during courses, are:

The Temple of Aphaia

The Temple of Aphaia, that proudly stands on top of a hill, is dedicated to goddess Athena. It is one of the ancient architectural wonders of ancient Greece. It was built in 480 BC and 25 of the original 32 Doric columns still stand due to the skill of the restorers. It is situated in a Sanctuary complex in Aegina about 13 km east of the main port.


Palaiochora (or Paliachora) is the medieval village of Aegina, built in the 9th century. It was the capital of the island until 1826. It is located behind and above the hill of the Agios Nektarios monastery, 7 km from the port of Aegina towards the center of the island, and stands out for its history, its great views and its churches.

Aegina Hiking at the ancient Olive Grove and more

It sits below the highest mountain in Aegina  like a welcoming plateau. Some of the olive trees are said to be  some thousand years old, with very wide trunks, some hollow. As you enter them you feel like being hugged by a very wise being.

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