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At Aegina Retreats, our goal is to offer you an immersive experience centred on unlocking and expressing your creativity. We believe in connecting with nature and your inner self, all while embracing a rhythm that suits your individual needs. Our community values are about respecting personal space and time, and fostering a secure environment for the exploration of your creative potential.

Set against the backdrop of the welcoming island ofAegina, we hope to provide an all round unforgetable experience. The island offers an array of additional activities and opportunities for exploration, as well as delicious fresh seafood and locally sourced fruit, vegetable and dairy products. Historical sites dot the landscape, adding a layer of cultural richness to your experience.

All these elements come together to create a unique space-time capsule, allowing you to escape from your everyday routine and spend a transformative week in a world where nature, self-discovery, and creativity intersect.

Our Story

The Cool Projects, part of which Aegina Retreats is, emerged in 2013 when Yanis and Marina decided to trade the hustle of Athens for the tranquil beauty of Aegina back in 2012.


In Athens, Marina owned the gallery Cats & Marbles, while Yanis worked as a full time artist and craftsman, designing and producing crafts, and collaborating with various galleries, mainly in Athens, showing his paintings.

The Cool Projects was founded with the aim to promote and create traditional, sustainable, handcrafted, eco-friendly design and production. Our commitment extended to collaborating with small crafters who shared our ethos of sustainable practices. Our maiden venture involved crafting a natural bodycare line of olive oil soaps using traditional methods and natural ingredients. More products came with time and much work.

This journey birthed three distinct brands: Cool Soap (handmade, natural olive oil soaps), Mood of the Day (natural olive oil soaps with unique designs), and Cool Collection (handmade items for the home and bath). The brands grew, the team travelled many countries and our products found many homes. Parallel to this success, Marina delved into the art of clay under the guidance of her mentor, Theodora Chorafas, evolving into a ceramicist and teacher. Yanis, who was responsible for design and production, kept on exploring his passions for painting and crafting.

All three brands found a home at and were distributed throughout Europe and beyond for decade.

Despite our growth, the demands of managing a small business distributing across Europe from Aegina led us away from our true passions: ceramics, painting and crafting. During the Covid years this realization, coupled with an unexpected setback—a devastating flood that destroyed our soap workshop in September 2023—prompted a reevaluation and new resolutions.

Our newest project, Aegina Retreats, emerged as a spacetime for sharing and collaboration, where individuals can come together to explore a diverse range of subjects. Situated on the enchanting island of Aegina in Greece, our initiatives unfold in partnership with The Grapevine House, adding a touch of serenity to the immersive experiences we offer at our studio.

We curate a variety of events, workshops, courses and artist retreats that weave together the threads of arts and crafts, travel, sustainability, traditional crafting, painting, ceramics and personal development. These activities are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge while providing a space for personal growth and self-expression. Coming to Aegina to follow one of these activities is also a wonderful opportunity to travel in a different way - not just being a tourist, but discovering the island through the lens of creativity.

The idyllic setting of Aegina, with its easygoing, welcoming landscapes and tranquil atmosphere, serves as an inspiring backdrop for our endeavours. Whether you 're delving into the intricacies of traditional crafts, experimenting with paints on canvas, molding clay into artistic expressions or exploring sustainable practices, Aegina Retreats offers a rich tapestry of experiences.

We believe in the power of hands-on creativity to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Our approach encourages participants to have fun while engaging in the creative process. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner, you are more than welcome to visit; our events cater to diverse interests and skill levels.

Join us on a journey of exploration, where the combination of arts and crafts, travel, sustainability and personal development intertwine in an easygoing manner.

Aegina Retreats invites you to unlock your creativity, connect with like-minded individuals and revel in the joy of learning and self-discovery. All this in the heart of the beautiful Greek island of Aegina.

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