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Where to stay

We  offer accommodation in our own Grapevine House,  exclusively for our Retreats. The rest of the time it is available to book, whether you are following a workshop with us or not. The guest house  is perfect for solo travellers, couples or groups of friends willing to share - it comfortably sleeps 1 to 4 people.  Book here.

In Aegina you will find a variety of accommodation choices among a long list of hotels and airbnbs.

​We highly recommend the following three guest houses:

a) The Amber house, for 2 to 4 guests who are willing to share. Book here.

b) The Terra House, for 3 to 5 guests who are willing to share.  Book here.

c) The Pink House, for one person or a couple.  Book here.​

Alternatively you can try the following hotels, which are in town, 10 to 15 mins walk from the studio:

Brown Hotel

Aeginitikon Arhontikon


Many more choices are available online. Just make sure you stay in and aroundtown, or ask us before you book. The island is not very big, and if you book a car you are more likely not to be very far from the studio, but you might want to avoid being 30-40 mins away (!)

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