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Le génie d’Egine - The Genie of Aegina

9-16 th June 2024
Creative Workshop in French. For text in french go here.


How about capturing a bit of a Greek island’s spirit by way of creating texts and ceramics that you will take back home with you? This is what we would like to offer you in this writing and ceramics workshop on the island of Aegina.

Come to Aegina and stay in a charming house or room. Everyday, you will meet Maud, who will help you discover and capture the energy of the island through creative writing: its animated port and evocative archaeological sites, its beaches and wild island, its history, myths and landscapes, its light, its delicious taverns… Marina, on the other hand, will open the doors of her ceramics studio where you will create plates, bowls and cups on which you will “tell” what Aegina will have inspired in you. Just like Aladin and his magic lamp, you will be the master of a crockery filled with some of the island’s magic – memories that you will be able to revisit whenever using it back home.


Maud will open up Aegina and its soul to you, guide you into an exploration, through words, of your experiences on the island by way of creative writing games. Writing will be synonymous to pleasure. Your pen will flow as you will allow places, encounters and sensations to inspire you. Memories and imagination will alternate and take you to unexpected places. And as your connection with the island becomes deeper, it will materialize in your ceramics.


With marina you will create your pottery inspired by your stay on the island of Aegina. We will use the slipware tradition to make simple and practical everyday objects, decorated and colourful, that you will have the pleasure to eat and drink from. We will make our plates, bowls and cups using the pinch pot, coiling and slab techniques. We will then apply the slip, that white page that covers the red clay, so as to decorate them. You can choose from a variety of techniques: sgraffito, where you draw by scratching off the white slip or paint by adding colours inspired by the landscapes, tell the island’s myths, translate your experiences onto clay and paper, catch the soul of Aegina… and take it back home with you.

Creative Writing & Ceramics Workshop

Price Options
One-time purchase
Creative Writing
€365.00every month for 2 months
  • There are 2 options to pay for this course:

    1. Pay the whole amount when you book the course. Payment is refundable if you cancel 30 days before the start of your course.

    2. Pay for your course 50% upon booking and the remainder 1 month later or upon your arrival, whichever is sooner. Advance payment is refundable if you cancel 30 days before the start of your course.

  • Maud Vidal-Naquet & marina Coriolano Lykourezos

    Maud is a journalist and writer who runs creative writing workshops to share her passion for words. “Writing liberates, pacifies, structures and allows us to explore our creativity, our sensitivity and our relationship to the world. It is a personal journey filled with surprises, and a way for me to share my fascination for the musicality of words and their evocative power” she says.

    She studied History. Before entering the world of journalism, she worked in Paris as head of editorial projects for the internet in the early 2000s. A trip to Africa changed her life: after returning to Paris she decides to move to Greece, settles on the island of Aegina and starts writing for a living. Greece has held a special place in her heart since childhood.

    The sea, the light, the cycle of the seasons, a feeling of freedom, a human quality in people’s relationships – these are some of the reasons she dropped anchor on this little island close to Athens. From here, she collaborates with French magazines (Géo, le Figaro magazine, le Nouvel Observateur, The Good Life…) and writes books and travel guides (Hachette, Aubanel...).

    Marina holds a BA in Art History & Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She has worked in publishing, as a translator, as a curator and has collaborated with the Athens Photo Festival. She had the gallery space cats&marbles in Athens between 2004 and 2009.

    Her  home has no boundaries, her heart is anchored in many places. She is half Greek half Brazilian, born in London, grew up in Paris and Rio de Janeiro, studied in London and came to Greece in 1999. She finally settled in Aegina in 2012 somewhat by chance, with her partner Yanis with whom she created The Cool Projects in 2013. Soon after arriving on the island she discovered the art of ceramics with ceramicist Theodora Chorafas, a passion with a sure future.

    ​In September 2021, together with Theodora Chorafas and HP Coulon, she co-organised the International Slipware Symposium: two weeks of co-creation on the workshop, materclasses, presentiations and two exhibitions. The event was beautifully captured by Oliwia Tado in a video that can be seen here.

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