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Atelier Spaces in The Cool Projects Studio are available on a weekly basis or for longer periods throughout the year. You can rent your own studio space while on the island of Aegina, to work on a particular project, new or old, or anything else you fancy. It is a shared space, so we ask all to keep within a respectful atmosphere of creativity. 

Minimum booking period is one week, whether you are taking a course with us or not.

The booking is for your personal use in a shared workshop, fully equipped for painting and ceramics, with a partly shaded backyard area to enjoy the outside.

Basic materials are not provided. You can bring your own or visit the local shop where basic painting materials, notebooks, canvas, colours, pencils and tools are available. Please note we are not responsible for the selection and/or availability of products. Alternatively, you can order everything you need online in the shop of your choice and post your order to us (at the address indicated below) so that everything is here waiting for you.


Shipping Address:
The Cool Projects Studio
5 Agias Paraskevis st. 
18010 Aegina 
Tel +306972250926


Please add your name and make sure you post your order well in advance of your course dates, by registered mail preferably, and inform us at

Coffee & tea provided.


Atelier Space is also available to book as a Retreat, which includes:

1. Accommodation at The Grapevine House

The Grapevine House was built in the 19th century. It has a double bedroom with original painted ceiling and wooden floor, giving it a warm and nostalgic character. The living room, with its embedded wooden press, hints to the islands agricultural history and way of life. For additional space, there is a converted cellar, which serves as a second bedroom or study - you will have to duck to enter. The small kitchen and bathroom are later add-ons: in the old days, these spaces were separate and outside the house. Feel free to explore the house’s eclectic furniture, each piece telling its own story: lovingly restored items, painting, books and many personal objects from a life of travels... add our own personal touch, all the while preserving the house’s character and history.


The story says that the house hosted Saint Nektarios of Aegina in the early 20th century, who visited its ailing owner. It is believed he was cured! Could this explain why the house has a calming effect, maybe even a spiritual atmosphere, which is enhanced by the regular sound of bells from the two monasteries surrounding the it?

We invite you to embrace the beauty of this cozy and peaceful guest house, where every corner holds a piece of the past. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the courtyard and the land around it, lose your sense of time, let go and relax.


The Grapevine house is a great choice for solo travellers, couples or small groups of friends willing to share.


2. Your own space in a shared studio

You will have your own space to work in a fully equipped, shared painting or ceramic studio.


3. Culinary Delights

Fuel your creativity with a complimentary breakfast at The Grapevine House, and savour authentic, greek flavours with a takeaway lunch from a traditional tavern, giving you the chance to explore local cuisine.


4. Day Trip Excursions

Venture beyond the retreat to explore the island's cultural and historical treasures. We will take you on a day trip to the Temple of Aphaia, an ancient marvel steeped in mythology, and Palaiochora, a hidden gem of historical significance. Immerse yourself in the beauty and stories of these magical locations. More excursions can be organised, depending on your specific interests.


5. Sustainable surprise gift

As a token of our commitment to sustainable and local tradition, you will receive a gift filled with locally produced delights - a tangible reminder of your creative journey in Aegina.

Atelier Space

Price Options
One-time purchase
Beyond Creativity
€75.00every month for 2 months
  • The studio is a modern, 2 floor building, each floor about 120m2. The 300m2 backyard, with its yurt and extra shade, offers more space to work and relax. On the top floor is the ceramics studio, with a large north facing bay window, as well as the studio's office area and little shop. The south facing bottom floor, with direct access to the backyard, is the painting studio. Both floors are fully equipped with materials, a little kitchen and bathroom.

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