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Sculptant l'Invisible - Sculpting the Invisible

26th October to 1st November 2024
Creative Workshop in Voice & Clay
in french & english - for text in french go here.


EARLY BIRD: 460€ when booking by June 15th


Discover the magic of clay and the power of your own voice in this workshop led by marina & Iannis. Follow us in this invitation to dive deeply into artistic expression, with clay and voice as our instruments of research and self-discovery.


Immersion in Artistic Expression and Consciousness
We will find inspiration in nature, in clay and in the voice. Weather allowing, two of our day meetings will take place outdoors, where we will explore new ways of expressions, as we will be …: walking in silence, breathing in consciousness, open the senses, cultivating our presence in the moment.


A fusion of vocal and ceramic expression 
We invite you to a different kind of exploration where vocal expression and ceramics become one practice. Your voice and breath become your guides in the way you will approach and work with clay. It is a celebration of spontaneity, imagination and collective creation. Improvisation and creativity will be our keys to open new ways of seeing and feeling: a synergy that creates a dynamic flux, a dance between sound and matter.


Focusing on the process rather than the actual object
This workshop celebrates the creative process: we will concentrate on the actual experience and the discoveries we will stumble upon, rather than on the creation of a final piece.


Structure of the workshop
Days will be full but not exhausting. Each of the five days will have a 3hour morning workshop, in the studio and in nature, followed by a shared lunch. Afternoons are free for you to explore the island, rest, think and take the time to absorb the experiences of the day.

This workshop aims at bringing you into contact with clay and voice, by way of playing and exploring with imagination, improvisation and collective creativity as our tools. 


This workshop is also available to book as a Retreat, which includes: accommodation at The Grapevine House, your own space in a shared studio, culinary delights, day trip excursion(s) and a sustainable surprise gift.

A few words on The Grapevine House

The Grapevine House was built in the 19th century. It has a double bedroom with original painted ceiling and wooden floor, giving it a warm and nostalgic character. The living room, with its embedded wooden press, hints to the islands agricultural history and way of life. For additional space, there is a converted cellar, which serves as a second bedroom or study - you will have to duck to enter. The small kitchen and bathroom are later add-ons: in the old days, these spaces were separate and outside the house. Feel free to explore the house’s eclectic furniture, each piece telling its own story: lovingly restored items, painting, books and many personal objects from a life of travels... add our own personal touch, all the while preserving the house’s character and history.

The story says that the house hosted Saint Nektarios of Aegina in the early 20th century, who visited its ailing owner. It is believed he was cured! Could this explain why the house has a calming effect, maybe even a spiritual atmosphere, which is enhanced by the regular sound of bells from the two monasteries surrounding the it?

We invite you to embrace the beauty of this cozy and peaceful guest house, where every corner holds a piece of the past. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the courtyard and the land around it, lose your sense of time, let go and relax.

The Grapevine house is a great choice for solo travellers, couples or small groups of friends willing to share.




Join us for a transformative week where you will find yourself in a  creative environment with lots of room to relax, concentrate and  explore.


Creative Workshop in Voice & Clay

  • There are 2 options to pay for this course:

    1. Pay the whole amount when you book the course. Payment is refundable if you cancel 30 days before the start of your course.

    2. Pay for your course 50% upon booking and the remainder 1 month later or upon your arrival, whichever is sooner. Advance payment is refundable if you cancel 30 days before the start of your course.


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