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Vedic Art Course
Taught in English & Greek by Yanis Zagorianakos


In this Vedic Art Foundation course, students are introduced to the 17 Principles of art and life. The starting point is your own inner motivation: you put pen to paper and then the creation process goes into full expansion. It is very simple. The only thing that can be a bit difficult is to stop painting! 

The Foundation Course is for those of you who have not done Vedic Art courses before, have only gone through parts of the basic course, or wish to repeat the course in a different environment. Foundation courses in Aegina always follow the original programme as it was created by the founder of Vedic Art, Curt Källman. No prior art experience is required to attend the course.


The course runs for 6 days from Saturday evening to the following Saturday morning. The lectures take place at The Cool Projects Studio, are usually set in the morning and run for about an hour. The rest of the day you are free to paint in your studio space or take time off to use as you please.


Basic materials needed: canvas, notebook, pencils, sketchbook, water based colours and tools of your choice, cloths that can get covered in paint and last but not least, your inspiration.

You can bring your own material or you can get it locally.
1. Visit the local shop where basic painting materials are available. Please note we are not responsible for the selection and/or availability of products in stock,
2. Order everything you need online in the shop of your choice and post your order to us (address below) so that everything is here waiting for you.

3. Some basic materials are also provided to purchase at the studio.


Coffee & tea is provided throughout the course. There will be a closing event to celebrate the completion of the course, with snacks and drinks. You will have time to enjoy the Island of Aegina, and we will arrange one or two excursions, depending on time and wishes of the group.


By booking this course you accept our Terms & Conditions.

Vedic Art courses may only be held by trained Vedic Art teachers. All courses and education held in the name of Vedic Art which are based on the 17 Principles of the method must be approved by Vedic Art.

If you need to know more about Vedic Art please contact us and we shall be happy to provide more information or arrange a call.


Join us for a transformative week where you will find yourself in a  creative environment with lots of room to relax, concentrate and  explore.


This workshop is also available to book as a Retreat, which includes: accommodation at The Grapevine House, your own space in a shared studio, culinary delights, day trip excursion(s) and a sustainable surprise gift.

A few words on The Grapevine House

The Grapevine House was built in the 19th century. It has a double bedroom with original painted ceiling and wooden floor, giving it a warm and nostalgic character. The living room, with its embedded wooden press, hints to the islands agricultural history and way of life. For additional space, there is a converted cellar, which serves as a second bedroom or study - you will have to duck to enter. The small kitchen and bathroom are later add-ons: in the old days, these spaces were separate and outside the house. Feel free to explore the house’s eclectic furniture, each piece telling its own story: lovingly restored items, painting, books and many personal objects from a life of travels... add our own personal touch, all the while preserving the house’s character and history.

The story says that the house hosted Saint Nektarios of Aegina in the early 20th century, who visited its ailing owner. It is believed he was cured! Could this explain why the house has a calming effect, maybe even a spiritual atmosphere, which is enhanced by the regular sound of bells from the two monasteries surrounding the it?

We invite you to embrace the beauty of this cozy and peaceful guest house, where every corner holds a piece of the past. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the courtyard and the land around it, lose your sense of time, let go and relax.

The Grapevine house is a great choice for solo travellers, couples or small groups of friends willing to share.


Vedic Art Foundation Courses

Price Options
One-time purchase
Vedic Art
€217.50every month for 2 months
  • In our Vedic Art courses in Aegina, our goal is to offer you an immersive experience centred on unlocking and expressing your creativity. We believe in connecting with nature and your inner self, all while embracing a rhythm that suits your individual needs. Our community values are about respecting personal space and time, and fostering a secure environment for the exploration of your creative potential.

    ​Set on the welcoming island ofAegina, we hope to offer you a all round holistic experience. The island offers many additional activities and opportunities for exploration, as well as delicious, fresh seafood and locally sourced fruit, vegetable and dairy products. Historical sites dot the landscape, adding a layer of cultural richness to your experience.

    ​All these elements come together to create a unique space-time capsule, allowing you to escape from your everyday routine and spend a transformative week in a world where nature, self-discovery, and creativity intersect.

    The courses are founded on the methodology developed by Curt Kallmann in 1988 in Sweden. For those new to Vedic Art courses, here's a brief overview. Each course follows a specific structure, and the initial step for newcomers is the Foundation course, which is a prerequisite for any subsequent courses. This foundational programme serves as an introduction to Curt Kallmann's method and the 17 principles of Vedic Art.

    Upon completing the Foundation course, participants gain the flexibility to enroll in any of the available courses to further their exploration.

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