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Maud Vidal-Naquet

Maud Vidal-Naquet is a journalist and writer who runs creative writing workshops to share her passion for words. “Writing liberates, pacifies, structures and allows us to explore our creativity, our sensitivity and our relationship to the world. It is a personal journey filled with surprises, and a way for me to share my fascination for the musicality of words and their evocative power” she says.

She studied History. Before entering the world of journalism, she worked in Paris as head of editorial projects for the internet in the early 2000s. A trip to Africa changed her life: after returning to Paris she decides to move to Greece, settles on the island of Aegina and starts writing for a living. Greece has held a special place in her heart since childhood.

The sea, the light, the cycle of the seasons, a feeling of freedom, a human quality in people’s relationships – these are some of the reasons she dropped anchor on this little island close to Athens. From here, she collaborates with French magazines (Géo, le Figaro magazine, le Nouvel Observateur, The Good Life…) and writes books and travel guides (Hachette, Aubanel...).

Le Génie d’Egine | The Genie of Aegina

Creative Writing & Ceramics Workshop with marina coriolano-lykourezos workshop led in French

Maud Vidal-Naquet

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