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Night Blues all day long

Night Blues by Yanis Zagorianakos (Yzagor)

at Proka Art Bar, everyday 11:00-14:00 & 20:30-02:00

at The Cool Projects, Wednesday to Sunday 10:00-14:00

Exhibition runs till May 9th.

You can see all the paintings in this virtual exhibhition.

You can see more by Yzagor in his instagram account and his site.

Yanis's latest series of painting is titled Night Blues.

A blue period indeed. Soft and dark. The human figure always present, somewhat distorted... because it is night, and at night everything is darker. At night we are more likely to face our demons. At night things are quieter, space and time stretch and we come closer to what we usually choose to avoid. Because at night there is no black but so many shades of blue.

Yanis need to paint, his hardwork and ability to work non stop, his thirst for trying new materials and new approaches are endless. He works fast and rarely has a specific idea of what he will paint. He lets things flow, and allows the materials to do their work as much as he does. He truly believes that the final piece is a result of his doing, of the materials used and of chance - what happens in the moment, not so much in terms on inspiration, rather in terms of synchronicity.

He also truly believes in work, hardwork. To get somewhere you need to work hours on end, again and again, night and day. Only then can a crack of light appear, allowing for inspiration to come into being. And if you are lucky and able to can catch it, magic may happen. This is rare, and is what an artist is almost always working towards: creating that piece which will touch a soul. All other paintings are elements of the journey. They may please or displease, they may add some beauty to your life, a smile, a memory, an emotion. Or they may disappear in the same way they appeared, for most of it all is ephermeral, as life itself. Here are some Night Blues variations for you to enjoy. We hope you will.

  “When the uninterrupted silence and the stillness of the painting is striking, it becomes art.” John Berger

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