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Open Studio

Image by Emily Karakis

Join us for our Open Studio events—a laid-back artistic gathering that happens three times a year for 10-15 days in June, September, and December.

Think of it as a chance to step into the artists' world, almost like popping into a friend's studio rather than a formal gallery visit. It's an opportunity to snag an original piece of art directly from the artist.

Artists and crafters often accumulate a mix of works over the years—small experimental studies, older unsold pieces taking up space, or creations that just haven't found their purpose, the so-called "unlucky" pieces. Our Open Studio events shine a spotlight on these unique works

We curate and present various unlucky works and pieces from artists and crafters who are interested in our concept and want to participate by showing their works.

As a visitor, you'll be treated to a diverse range of artistic expressions, each telling a story of the artist's creative journey. The displayed pieces reveal months or even years of dedicated work, featuring small and large creations, studies born for other projects, and completed masterpieces from previous collections that have fulfilled their unique purposes.

What makes these events special is the double opportunity they offer for both artists and visitors. Artists get a chance to breathe new life into their unsold or experimental works, while visitors get the thrill of acquiring one-of-a-kind, original artworks at affordable prices.

It's like a form of art recycling, creating new space for the artist and offering affordable, unique treasures for the visitor. Picture yourself surrounded by a diverse selection—small or large paintings, framed or unframed, delicate or expansive ceramic pieces, wooden gems, bespoke furniture, small sculptures, and more. It's a lively celebration of artistic diversity, where each creation comes with its own special story.

By joining our Open Studio events, you not only bring affordable art into your life but also actively support our artistic community and the brilliant minds behind these creations. It's not just an event; it's an open invitation to share in a meaningful exchange of creativity, expression, and community. Come join us on this artistic journey, where inspiration and joy await everyone—artists and art enthusiasts alike.

If you are an artist or crafter that would like to be part of our next open studio event please subscribe below, it is absolutely free for you and we do not spam.

Selected artists can showcase 1-10 works of any size, set their own prices, and the studio takes a 30% cut if a piece is sold. No hidden fees or costs for the artists. Let's make art happen!

Selected artists chose 1-10 works of any size and they set the price. The studio keeps 30% if a piece is sold, no fees, no costs for the artists.

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