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Welcome to Aegina Retreats where creativity meets tranquility on the enchanting island of Aegina.

Our concept is rooted in the desire to share our passion for arts & crafts and travelling with those of you who want to rediscover your ability to play with colour and clay like a child, free of judgement, and explore your own creative process in

a warm, welcoming and easy going environment.

At Aegina Retreats, we invite you to embark on a unusual and possibly transformative journey. Embrace your creativity as it is allowed to flow, free and unperturbed, in the calm, warm and welcoming environment of our studio, of the island. Whether you're an artist, a curious beginner or a creative traveller, our workshops provide a unique opportunity to refine your skills, overcome creative blockages and let go of preconceived ideas.

Leave your everyday life behind for a short while, put on your travelling shoes, take a plane and a boat to dock on Aegina. Open new doors to your creativity and your ways of seeing.

All our courses are in English or Greek, with the occasional ones in French.

What you get

A creative paradise

Spend your time creatively by taking one of our  workshops or retreats. Experience a journey of artistic exploration and self-discovery.

Our activities provide a unique platform for you to connect with your inner creativity and express
it through a variety of art forms while having fun.

Aegina Island

Aegina is like a small paradise. Just one hour away from the port of Pireaus, it is easy and fast to access from Athens airport. It iso near yet so far: here you will feel space and time stretching. And there is so much to do: explore the island through hiking or swimming, discover local music and food, bathe in its amazing light, surrender to its gentle energy.


We organise events, weekly and weekend workshops, courses and artist retreats revolving around  crafts and arts: ceramics, painting, writing, cooking... with creativity as best friend. Make your choice and join us to explore your creative process, discover Aegina, meet its local artistic community to share and collaborate with.

The Grapevine House

The Grapevine house is located on the edges of the port, where nature starts taking over the landscape. It is situated on a farm land with about 60 pistachio trees and some olive trees; its courtyard has lemon, pomegranate and fig trees, two old grapevines and many cats. It is the perfect place to create your bubble of tranquility and relaxation while taking one of our workshops.

What we do

  • We share our experience of 25 years from working in the fields of arts & crafts.

  • We offer a series of retreats, workshops, courses and events in our fully equipped ceramics and painting studio.

  • We love to play and travel with colour and clay and provide an ephemeral yet unique  bubble of immersive experience. 

  • We design creative retreats for individuals, couples or small groups on the island of Aegina. Perfect, all inclusive, creative escapes where everything is taken care of and you are free to play, create, explore and recharge.

What we offer


Discover the world of ceramics through a playful approach to clay, its various techniques and possibilities. Creative, explorative workshops, retreats and  courses.


Our workshops usually run for 7 days, take place at The Cool Projects Studio and focus on specific techniques of pottery, painting and crafts. We give  emphasis on the creative process and the tools we can use to enhance it.


Check out our past and upcoming events: open studios and exhibitions from artists & crafters with whom we collaborate, or whose work we want to share with the world.



Delve into the infinite world of colour, learn how to let your creative process flow freely through workshops, retreats and weekly courses that value the process more than the result. Art hides in the process.


 Our retreats run for 7 days and can be prolonged upon request. They include one of our workshops and an all inclusive pension stay at The Grapevine House. Perfect for solo travellers, couples and small groups. 



Explore our eshop where you will find products and creations, mostly limited edition, all handmade by us and local artists and crafters.


Work on your own project in a dedicated studio space while enjoying staying at The Grapevine House, with all inclusive hospitality, only 5 minutes walk from the studio.


Our courses run once a week for 3-6 months from November to April. They take place  at

The Cool Projects Studio and are booked for the whole period. 

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