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Laskarina Haldeaki

Laskarina Haldeaki studied Design, Decoration and Graphics at Vakalo Art & Design College in Athens. She worked in Interior Design and as a graphic designer, but was later drawn to ceramics, and in particular drawing, painting and decorating ceramic surfaces.

Throughout the years, she has also worked with children, creating and giving arts & crafts workshops that allowed them to find ways of expressing themselves, using a wide and rich variety of tools and materials.

Laskarina lives in Aegina, where she was born, in a (not so) little, green oasis: a magic garden she created with her own bare hands, with patience and perseverance – a life’s work.

Colour, Decoration and Painting on Ceramic with Marina Coriolano Lykourezos workshop led in Greek and English.

Laskarina Haldeaki

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