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Iannis Psallidakos

Iannis Psallidakos teaches singing and vocal technique. He is a member of the

Association Française des Professeurs de Chant (AFPC – EVTA) – the French

Association of Singing Professors as well as an interdisciplinary artist.

Iannis studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. He has

worked as an architect and a graphic designer, has taught drawing classes, and has explored the realms of photography, ceramics and land-art. Discovering yoga, meditation and overtone singing was a turning point, prompting him to devote himself to the human voice - exploring, studying and teaching it. In time, he became a certified teacher of the Buteyko Breathing method; trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and received a certification in “Song, Voice and Body” created by Emmanuelle Trinquesse. He has been on a journey to deepen his understanding of vocal resonance and acoustics while studying with some of the most renown experts, such as Kennet Bozeman and Ian Howell.

Nowadays, Iannis shares the fruits of his studies and experiences through masterclasses, workshops, training programmes and webinars in France and Greece. He lives in Aegina, and often travels to France for work.

Sculptant l'Invisible - Un Voyage Créatif dans l'Argile et la Voix  Sculpting the Invisible – A creative journey in clay and voice with marina coriolano-lykourezos

Iannis Psallidakos

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