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7day Creative Flow: Exploring Ceramics

Exploring Clay is a meditative activity: time disappears and we are faced with our creative process

  • Starts Jun 22
  • 500 euros
  • The Cool Projects

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Service Description

Working with clay is a meditative activity: time disappears and we are called to be in harmony with it in order for a piece to be born. It is with this meditative approach that I would like to guide you through this workshop, whether you are new, or not, to clay. Working with clay is about listening. Listening to what is happening right here and now as we hold it in our hands: from wedging all the way through to shaping it into a final piece. The possibilities are many. It is a question of dialogue between you and the clay, what you want to create, what it allows you to do. It requires our full presence and the conscious awareness of each breath and gesture, what imprints they will leave on it. The dialogue continues until we have found not perfection but harmony in our creation, the balance that makes everything look just right. We will first spend some time exploring the clay, get familiar with it as well as with the environment in which we are, that is the island of Aegina. We will visit one or two of the areas where traditional potters used to pick their clay from. In ancient times, Aegina was known for its water jugs made from local clay that kept the water cool and fresh. We will also explore nature around and pick elements from it to use as inspiration elements to use back in the workshop. Back in the studio, we will continue our exploration of different kinds of clays. We will play with them through a series of exercises to familiarise ourselves with their various qualities. These exercises will be paired with brief discussions on the properties and varieties of clays, techniques and glazes, offering a foundation for experimentation and the space for unexpected discoveries while creating pieces free from judgement. In this workshop, the focus isn't on creating utilitarian items; instead, it is an invitation to liberate your creativity and experiment with clay. You are free to explore the potential of crafting small sculptures or make everyday objects. The important is to create a constructive dialogue with clay. Tailored for beginners, this workshop is an artistic journey into the expressive world of clay. By the end of it, you will have created small sculptures and objects imbedded with your explorative experience: memories of a special week where creativity met pleasure and relaxation. Join us in this workshop where art, play and travel converge in a celebration of creative exploration. Materials & firing of pieces included.

Contact Details

  • Agias Paraskevis 5, Aegina 180 10, Greece

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