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Sat, Aug 10


The Cool Projects

Creative Flow Painting Retreat

A 7day retreat exlporing Creative Flow Painting with Yanis Zagorianakos. With your own dedicated working space at The Cool Projects Studio. Accommodation with breakfast at The Grapevine House, lunch at the Studio Perfect for solo, couples and groups of 1-4 friends willing to share a 2 bedroom house.

Creative Flow Painting Retreat
Creative Flow Painting Retreat

Time & Location

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Aug 10, 2024, 10:30 AM – Aug 17, 2024, 4:00 AM

The Cool Projects, Ag. Paraskevis 5, Aegina 180 10, Greece

About the Retreat

In  this retreat we invite you to explore the depths of your creativity  through a special course focused on releasing your potential. We will  concentrate on the creative process, how to express our creativity, how  to recognize it and giving all it needs to flow fdreely. We will also  explore different materials and create a dialogue with each one of them.

Retreat Highlights:

1. Accommodation at The Grapevine House

Step into the double bedroom and be greeted by a 19th century painted  ceiling, infusing elegance and character. The original wooden floor  exudes nostalgia and authenticity.

The living room is a centerpiece with an embedded wooden press, a  rustic memory to the islands agricultural history and way of life. Relax  in this cozy space, contemplating the stories and traditions tied to  this old house.

For additional space there is a converted cellar, which serves as a  second bedroom or study. Beware for you have to duck to enter.

The history of the house dates back to the mid 19th century when it  was built. The story says that it hosted Saint Nektarios of Aegina in  the early 20th century, who visited its ailing owner. It is believed he  was cured (!) The house has a calming effect, maybe even a spiritual  ambiance, which is enhanced by the regular sound of bells from the 2  monasteries surrounding the house.

Bathroom and kitchen are later add-ons 0- in the old days, these  spaces were separate and outside the house. These unique touches reflect  the evolution of living spaces over time.

Explore the house’s eclectic furniture, each piece telling its own  story. Cherished heirlooms, lovingly restored items, painting, books   and many personal objects from a life of travels all add a personal  touch, preserving the house’s character and history.

Embrace the beauty of this guest house, where every corner holds a  piece of the past. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the courtyard and  the farm, loose your sense of time and rest.

The house is a great choice for solo travelers, couples or small groups of friends willing to share.

2. Creative flow workshop

This week long workshop is a blend of theories and methods that are  used to enhance and release your creativity without worrying about the  result, while at the same time exploring the possibilities that emerge  when a dialogue begins between you and the materials you use. Days are  divided into short morning lectures and the rest of the day is filled  with play and exploration. No skill is necessary, all levels are welcome.

3. Culinary Delights

Fuel your creativity with a complimentary breakfast at The Grapevine  House, and savour authentic, greek flavours with a takeaway lunch from a  traditional  tavern, giving you the chance to explore local cuisine.

4. Day Trip Excursions: Venture beyond the retreat  to  explore the island's cultural and historical treasures. Join us on a  day  trip to the Temple of Aphia, an ancient marvel steeped in  mythology,  and Palaiochora, a hidden gem of historical significance.  Immerse  yourself in the beauty and stories of these enchanting  locations. More  or other excursions can be organised, depending on your  specific  interests.

5. Sustainable surprise gift

As a token of our commitment to sustainable tradition and local  freshness each participant will receive a surprise gift filled with  locally produced delights, a tangible reminder of your creative journey  in Aegina.

Join us for a transformative week where you will find yourself in a  creative environment with lots of room to relax, concentrate and  explore.

It is only a 5 min walk through the pistachio fields to The Cool  Projects studio, where you will have plenty of space to either work on  your own projects or explore creative possibilities through the use of  colour.

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  • Creative painting Week Retreat

    A week long retreat at The Grapevine House in Aegina with a 30h creative flow painting workshop, dedicated studio space and food. For more on the creative flow painting workshop check our workshops. For solo travellers, couples and groups of 1-4 friends willing to share accommodation in a 2 bedroom house.

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    • €1,750.00
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